FC Barcelona Ex-President Joins Blockchain Startup

Joan Laporta, lawyer and former president of FC Barcelona, has joined the Advisory Board of the company Urbit Data.

Urbit Data is positioning itself as one of the first pioneering companies in the real estate sector to implement the revolutionary Blockchain technology.

According to the official announcement of the company, with the collaboration of ex-president of FC Barcelona, Urbit Data is developing the largest online real estate platform. Urbit Data is aimed at improving the market considerably by offering the following:

“Advanced ecosystem for the purchase, sale and rental of any property anywhere in the world. All with a single click and on a single platform. Creating great transparency. A simple, powerful and comprehensive service.

Property valuation system, in real time and totally free for private users. It will give high value information so that they know the best market price and can make a better decision before buying, selling or renting. Without intermediaries, without commissions. Fair prices for a fairer market.

Democratization for holiday rental, of any property anywhere in the world, with fast, safe and transparent transactions. A new revolutionary business idea and with greater access to the general public where everyone wins.

Urbit Data offers an incentive plan for all users, who will receive rewards for activating Urbit’s free Big Data software on their computers or mobile phones. It works in automatic and satisfies the queries of the users feeding in turn the Big Data World of the company.”

During the next weeks Urbit Data will be holding different events in Spain, as well as in the rest of Europe, Asia and America, since it is in the process of capitalization for the global launch of its company.

To this end, it is participating in the usual fundraising system through technological Crowdfounding, in which anyone can contribute.


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FC Barcelona Ex-President Joins Blockchain Startup